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Playing for the delight of the audience

Actually already at the age of 6 I wanted to become a singer or a psychologist. At that time I had no idea about it, but today I believe that somehow with the bassoon I became both at the same time. As an always dreamy, philosophical character I am constantly looking for something: sometimes for the novelty, sometimes for the familiar. I was always attracted to the unusual, somewhat eccentric things and solutions. Until the completion of my studies I was so lucky to attend the best schools in the country, and learn from the best teachers. Even after several international competition victories I feel it important to play not only for my own or my musician partners' entertainment, but also for the delight of the audience.

In addition to presenting my own lecture transcripts I also take part in the presentation of a number of new works. 

Chamber Artist

Corridor Bassoon Quartet

I already knew when I was attending musical school that chamber music will always be an important part of my life. To Give and to receive, to inspire and to respond, to find out and to think ahead, to boldly sing in the foreground or stay as a shelter in the background. I found all this while working as a founding member of the Corridor Bassoon Quartet.

"One musical instrument: the bassoon, but right four away of them, one school, but four musicians of it, the same thought, but refreshing diversity, understanding and trust. Corridor, that means passageway, which starts from somewhere, and takes somewhere, connects and bridges, and plenty of doors open from it, renaissance, baroque, modern, folk, jazz, rock, as well as fusion... Because it is such music the Corridor is playing."

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Orchestral Bassoonist

Concerto Budapest

Playing in an orchestra is like being one in a shoal: it is at once the individual and the crowd, I'm a little point and a giant reaching everywhere. I can swim with the tide, sometimes I can drift others with myself, but it takes everyone's contribution for this thick and strong yet supple fabric to be set up in which everyone has their own, carefully measured place where you fascinate the audience along with the others so naturally, as the whole shoal would only be a lightweight, flitting silk scarf in the wind ... This is why it is so amazing for me to play in an orchestra.


Freelance teacher

As Alfred Sauza put it: "A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle." I believe, the one who has knowledge, has no more important and more noble mission than to pass it on to future generations with the utmost care, precision and love. No candle will burn forever, so during the nine semesters I spent in secondary music school as a bassoon teacher, I took delight in preparing the artists-to-be for the next challenges of their lives, on the grounds of my masters’ knowledge and my own discoveries.


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