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"I thought - while listening to the disc - oh, my God, how pure, honest music this is!"

"Today's music"

"We must value highly the art of György Lakatos and his former students, who interpreted music pieces with an excellent instrumental knowledge and a confident sense of style. Featuring them in the program turned out to be a direct hit."

"Voice n 'Bass 2 album release concert"

"Corridor was the icing on the cake. It is very true that woodwindists should be listened to live: live they are even more impressive. The listener can feel the pulse of woodwindists on their chest. And the dynamic pulse of Corridor is really worth feeling on our whole body. Hats off to the quartet members: they played wonderfully!"

"The Corridor Quartet gave a concert in Hajós"

"The concert program in the baroque mansion of Hajós was quite diverse, as baroque, jazz and several contemporary music pieces were represented in the show, and they even surprised the audience with a vocal production"

"Special instrumentalists"

"The quartet, probably unique also in international sphere, whose members met at the Academy of Music, is trying to present a range of music as wide as possible from the English or the French Renaissance to Stravinsky's transcriptions, motets until the Russian folksongs."

"Bassoons echoing each other"

"The humorous introduction was followed by an impressive concert in which the masterpieces of music literature awoke from the renaissance to works of contemporary authors."

"Saturday night's vocal and bass duo and other musical delights"

"The quartet of former students of LFAM held a truly great presentation on a cross-genre repertoire, including compositions of Thomas Tallis and Mihály Borbély, folk song adaptations and
own compositions."

"New Hungarian music pieces under the spell
of the stage"

"Each music piece made the most of a bassoon quartet's tone paradoxes, each one was an acoustic mirage."



Timea Kokai Nagy 2015

When did you start playing music?
At the age of 7 I started to attend music preschool and at the age of 8 playing the bassoon. Fortunately, even then I was tall enough to reach the instrument...
Why did you choose this instrument?
When I was a kid sometimes I sat down next to my mum when she was playing the flute, which I really liked. She wished me to I choose the same instrument or play the piano, but I somehow felt none of them being the "right one". I was about six years old when she took me to a teachers' performance in the music school, where I then - after first being confronted with the bassoon - firmly declared that I will be a bassoonist. At least my mother remembers so. But I just remember keep looking forward to bedtime television show, because what made me fall in complete love had been the bassoon music of the TV teddy bear.
If you should pick another instrument, what would that be?
I would sing. But if an instrument, then the bass-clarinet.
What music piece do you like to play the most? What music piece do you like to listen to the most?
I find myself the most in playful, romantic, dreamy pieces, for me Chopin is a composer like this, but unfortunately he did not write anything for bassoon outside of the bassoon parts of piano concerts. I also really like the music of Debussy, Ravel, Tchaikovsky and Puccini.
Which is your most important experience related to music?
Well, maybe as a girl this is not so embarrassing, so I admit it: when I first heard Mozart's only bassoon concerto as a child, I found it so beautiful that I cried over it.
What are you most proud of your music career so far?
My two international competition victories and being the principal bassoonist of Concerto Budapest.
What is your most important goal related to music?
I would be happy if music could get closer to everyone's heart, and more and more people would understand its real "language". If more people could hear that a music piece is not only a set of chords, soft tranquility or noise, but an adventurous journey: stories of our lives, landscapes, moods and jokes. But perhaps the best is that everyone can hear their own story it in.