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Feedback on my work

“"Zsofia Stefan is one of the most magnificent musicians I've ever had the opportunity to work with. She excels precisely at what is the most important to me: the personification of sounds.

She is an absolute master of her instrument, who can tease a multitude of colours out of the bassoon with great flexibility. She always employs the devices best suited to expressing any given phrase; in so doing, she is able to participate in shared musical expressions while maintaining her own unique voice. She possesses an outstanding sense of harmony, with stable intonation, excellent stylistic knowledge, and a kind of creative mode of performance that can consistently lend appropriate support and inspiration not just to woodwind and brass wind sections but the orchestra as a whole.

Her solo performances are often breathtaking; besides, she is modest, kind, and has a great sense of humour. Zsofia is a wonderful musician."

"Dear Zsófi, your recital at Zeneház last night was extraordinary. This was the first time I've had the pleasure of witnessing you play. Your performance was delightfully varied; I also like your marketing… and your soulful approach! We were worn out when we arrived at the venue on Friday evening, but your performance gave us a wonderful boost! Chopin would be delighted if he could hear and meet you!"

"This was an exceptional evening. I struggle to convey in words the experience you provided us with. Love for humanity, music, and life; honesty, humility, and professionalism radiating straight from your heart. You showed us something which we might be tempted to believe to have been lost. It was monumental and exemplary."

"Thank you for the extraordinary adventure!" This concert was a genuine one-off! These are the words that spring to mind to describe your beautiful bassoon playing: virtuosic, heartwarming, touching, surprising, thought-provoking, adventurous, perspective-shifting, deep, tearjerking, blissful, gratitude bringing... A mega-performance, replete with challenging pieces that require virtuosity. Your performance was in a class of its own!

"It does take the bassoon to places it hasn’t been before, but they are not so far away that it doesn’t feel totally at home – or is that because Zsofia makes us feel that way? (...) There is no doubt that Zsofia is an extremely talented bassoonist and that this album showcases her technical brilliance. We also hear how beautifully the instrument in her hands can lend itself to music we wouldn’t have imagined it could."